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About US

At Spur Equity, we focus on providing diverse investment opportunities with highly experienced and expert operators and partners, allowing our investors to passively grow their wealth through real estate.

Spur Equity is a private equity firm that provides opportunities for busy professionals and business owners to invest passively in real estate and alternative investments to build generational wealth.

Our team has a proven track record with Real Estate Investments. Our strategy of acquiring, managing, improving, and ultimately selling the property has proven to be the most effective and efficient method of wealth growth.

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Past Performance

Our team has a proven track record with Real Estate Investments in Multifamily apartment properties.  Our strategic model which focuses on acquiring stable apartments assets, implementing value-add initiatives to increase cash-flow and property value, partnering with top-notch property management organizations, and ultimately maximizing profits upon sale of the property has been executed to exceed investor expectations.   

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Our Team

Our team consists of seasoned real estate investors and expert real estate professionals who started over 15 years ago in Multifamily investments as Independent Rental Owners (IROs) and now have shifted their expertise to ensuring our investor partners are able to grow their own wealth through a proven strategic Multifamily investment model.

Managing Partner
Managing Partner

Our Portfolio

If you have any question about any one of these assets, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to schedule a discussion.